Jeff Gonzales
Guitarist, Singer & Songwriter

Jeff with his guitars

Jeff Solos

I'm not really sure what happened but there was a period of time when no one was willing to share a stage with me. So I kinda sulked around the house and made my own music. Here are seven of my solo albums.

"Live in Greenfield" and "Live in New Haven" are solo guitar and vocals that I recorded in small clubs, they consist of old folk/country/bluegrass tunes.

"Early Morning Blues" and "Wood" are two records I did in the studio, "Wood" is an all original collection, "Early Morning Blues" is a collection of covers of some of my favorite songs from when I first started playing music. "He Finally Shuts Up", and "Not One Word" are two CDs of solo instrumentals, covers snd originals.

"Who’s Been Here" is a collection of ragtime blues.

"Puts Her Love On Me"

Early Morning Blues
"Statesboro Blues"

Live in New Haven
"Big River"

Live in Greenfield
"Cannonball Rag"

Finally, He Shuts Up
"Cuttin' Wood"

Not One Word
"Classical Gas"

Who's Been Here?
"Who's Been Here?"

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