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americana/cowboy poetry

Meet Harlan Travis, Jeff Gonzales's alter ego and pen name.

A cowboy poet and Americana story teller.Jeff (Harlan) either performs his cowboy poetry alone or with his original music and old country bluegrass songs.

He also teams it up with Aaron Hahn from the 2 Bit Cowboys and when they perform as the Dry Town Drifters, Jeff as Harlan Travis pics the Guitar and recites the poems, while Aaron Hahn as Wade Branger (his pen name) sings the cowboy songs.

Marie Kirby by email, August 7, 2020 at 3:30 PM

"A friend of mine continues to re-invent himself. I received these today in the mailbox. As I listened to this first CD, I knew the man that was doing the reciting was not just a poet, but a Storyteller. He so reminded me of Dad.

The words came easy and the story was vivid, as if I was there right along. To me that is what makes 'The Spoken Word' real. No side stepping, or fumbling because your reading from a script.

I applaud you Harlan Travis - Storyteller, and Jeff Gonzales for pickin' on the guitar as if it was 2nd nature. Folks if you want to listen to authentic cowboy poetry, visit their website at and tell them I sent you. You will be treated like family. Appreciate you sittin' here and takin' the time to read."

Painting by Charles Gonzales,
aka Ciprian (Jeff's dad!)

underneath of everything

Underneath of Everything

my fathers' saddle

My Father's Saddle



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