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Jeff Gonzales
Guitarist, Singer & Songwriter

Jeff with his guitars

Jeff on his slide guitar, "Good Woman Gone Bad"

Hi, I'm Jeff Gonzales, and I work throughout the Northeastern states of the USA. These are some of my tools. I use the nylon string guitar for backing up acoustic singer/songwriters who prefer a softer sound. My main guitar is the steel string acoustic which I use for solo gigs and some of my duo work. The electric guitar is used for band work, such as with the Jeff Gonzales Trio and the Dry Town Drifters. Finally, I use my banjitar for recording and acoustic projects when I want that banjo sound "with a little extra bass".

Currently, I have regular gigs at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge Massachusetts. On the 1st Saturday of every other month, starting in February 2016, I plan on bringing in some version of my power trio band. I also will be doing every second Thursday at the Red Lion Den, alternating my duos "Big and Bigger" with the "2 Bit Cowboys", so check my calendar page for the dates and who will be playing with me.

I began working with the Dry town Drifters New Years eve of 2013. Keep an eye out for us on the calendar if you like old country and cowboy music. Also check us out on Face Book. The Runaway Boys and RNB are on break right now due to prior commitments. We'll see what happens in the future.

Wanda Houston and I are having a ton of fun playing music together as the duo "Big & Bigger". We have recorded two live all-original CDs (for details, click here) and also have just come out with another live CD, "Live in Stockbridge", which is a collection of old blues, country blues and jazz tunes from years gone by. We also are planning another cover CD and one more original CD.

Any of the bands above are available for private parties. functions, clubs, coffee houses or whatever, so if you have interest, send an e mail or give a call!

Thanks so much!!!
Jeff Gonzales
March 2015

The Red Lion Inn, Main Street, Stockbridge, MA
by John Duval, from Live Music Review, 07/16/2014.

"Every now and then one finds an unexpected treat, and that was Jeff Gonzales playing a solo acoustic finger-picking bluegrass show.

"He opened with a spiritual tune
Going Back to Jesus but it wasn't the lyrics which caught my attention, it was his guitar playing. In the annals of bluegrass there are many gospel type tunes, but this just felt different. He followed with a great breakup tune I'll be Through With You, getting laughter from the crowd at the lyrics. He was doing something I've seldom seen at the Den, engaging the audience. This is a tavern, with pub fare, and people go there for a late night gnosh. The music in general draws attention when polite applause follows the end of a song, and people go back to their drinks, dinner and conversation. Jeff Gonzales was having none of that.

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