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earl's Garage--New Haven Earl's Garage Live in New Haven, 2012
  1. big river j cash
  2. 16 tons m travis
  3. last steam engine train j fahey
  4. working man blues m haggard
  5. 9lb hammer trad.
  6. buck dancers choice sam mcgee
  7. don't think twice bob dylan
  8. folsom prison j cash
  9. foggy mountain break down flat & scruggs

Earls Garage -- live in Greenfield Earl's Garage Live in Greenfield, 2013
  1. cannonball rag travis
  2. sittin' on top of the world vinson, chatmon
  3. city of new orleans goodman
  4. darling corey flatt and scruggs
  5. windy and warm loudermilk
  6. deep river blues delmore bros.
  7. on the road again nelson
  8. rocky top f. & b. bryant
  9. doc's guitar watson


Rag CD cover "Let Us Get together" with Gina Coleman, 2017
  1. let us get together rev gary davis
  2. early morning blues blind blake
  3. ragtime medley richard saslow
  4. banks of the river rev gary davis
  5. big time woman wilton crawley
  6. joplin medley scott joplin
  7. travelin' man pink anderson
  8. keep your lamps rev gary davis
  9. dallas rag dallas string band
10. i belong to the band rev gary davis
11. champagne rag joseph lamb

Rag CD cover "Long Tall Papa" with Donna Tritco, 2019
  1. long tall papa big bill broonzy
  2. i'll be all right reverend gary davis
  3. maple leaf rag scott joplin
  4. make me a pallet mississippi john hurt
  5. meet you at the station reverend gary davis
  6. the entertainer scott joplin
  7. sliding delta traditional
  8. i am the light of this world reverand gary davis
  9. harlem rag medley turpin, miller, blake
10. ditty wa ditty blind blake

Rag CD cover "I Got Mine" with Thomasina Winslow, 2020
  1. I got mine Pink Anderson
  2. Doing a stretch Blind Blake
  3. Basin Street Spencer Williams
  4. I know you rider Traditional
  5. Oh papa blues Ma Raney
  6. Frankie and Albert Mississippi John Hurt
  7. That'll never happen no more Blind Blake
  8. Nobody knows you when you're down and out Jimmy Cox
  9. San Francisco Bay blues Jesse Fuller
10. Dr. jazz Joe Oliver

Rag CD cover DVD Video, "Ragtime & Ragtime Blues", 2017
  1. maple leaf rag joplin
  2. dill pickle rag johnson
  3. ditty wa ditty blake
  4. harlem rag medley turpin/blake
  5. the entertainer joplin
  6. frankie and albert trad
  7. arthur's breakdown travis
  8. heliotrope bouquet joplin
  9. doing a stretch blake
10. champagne rag Joplin

Who's Been Here? Who's Been Here?, 2009
  1. who's been here bo carter
  2. cocaine traditional
  3. baby it must be love blind willie mctell
  4. hesitation blues rev. gary davis
  5. blakes uptown rag blind blake
  6. sally, where'd you get your liquor rev. gary davis
  7. great change rev. gary davis
  8. don't you leave me here jelly roll morton
  9. easy rider blues blind lemon jefferson
10. police dog blues blind blake
11. ragtime medley joplin/mills


Finally, He Shuts Up Finally, He Shuts Up!, 2012
  1. harry's rag j gonzales
  2. dill pickle rag c johnson
  3. cuttin' wood j gonzales
  4. blackberry rag trad.
  5. saturday night shuffle m travis
  6. esperanza j gonzales
  7. babys comin' home j hubbard
  8. last dance j gonzales
  9. pickin' on merle j gonzales

Not One Word CD Not One Word, 2020
  1. blues for chet gonzales
  2. classical gas williams
  3. bean time kottke
  4. all my lovin' lennon/mccartney
  5. the fisherman kottke
  6. mr. lucky hubbard
  7. sheebeg & sheemore o'carolan
  8. making whoopee kahn/donaldson
  9. bye bye blackbird henderson/dixon


2-Bit Cowboys, Live Two Bit Cowboys Live, 2016
  1. Rose of San Antonio B. Wills
  2. Deep River Blues Delmore Brothers
  3. The Good Old Days A. Hahn
  4. Goin' Down Real Slow J Gonzales
  5. Little Big Man Jam Hahn & Gonzales
  6. Mendin' Fences A. Hahn
  7. Going Back to Jesus J Gonzales
  8. Cowboy Music Takes the Reins Again A. Hahn
  9. Mexico J. Gonzales
  10. Foggy Mountain Breakdown Flatt & Scruggs

2-Bit Cowboys, Live 2 Two Bit Cowboys Live 2, 2017
  1. Georgia On A Fast Train B. Shaver
  2. Blue Railroad Train Delmore Brothers
  3. Wreck of the Old 97 trad.
  4. Freight Train L. Cotton
  5. Cannonball Rag M. Travis
  6. Miners' Silver Ghost M. Haggard
  7. Folsom Prison Blues J Cash
  8. Two Lonely Rails A. Hahn
  9. Midnight Train J. Gonzales
  10. Pullin' In Hahn & Gonzales

2-Bit Cowboys, Live 3 Two Bit Cowboys Live 3, 2017
  1. Ghost Riders in the Sky Jones
  2. Darlin' Cory Flatt & Scruggs
  3. Apple Pickers' Blues A. Hahn
  4. Through With You J Gonzales
  5. Mountain Rag J. Gonzales
  6. Just When I Thought A. Hahn
  7. Ain't No Bum J Gonzales
  8. Purtiest Ass A. Hahn
  9. Nothin' But You J. Gonzales
  10. Rollin' On By Hahn & Gonzales

2-Bit Cowboys, Live 4 (Blues) Two Bit Cowboys Live 4 (Blues), 2017
  1. Doorstep to Heaven Hahn
  2. Stand to Lose Gonzales
  3. Trailways Blues Earl
  4. Know U Rider trad
  5. Blues for David Hahn/Gonzales
  6. Gets Me Down Hahn
  7. A Thing Called Love Gonzales
  8. Sittin' Here Hahn
  9. Elvis Presley's Lip (& Lyle Lovitt's Hair) Gonzales
  10. Police Dog Blues Blake

2-Bit Cowboys, Live 5 Two Bit Cowboys, Live 5, 2017
  1. Don't Think Twice Dylan
  2. Me and Paul Nelson
  3. Puts Her Love on Me Gonzales
  4. Foolish Dreams Hahn
  5. Windy and Warm Loudermilk
  6. Hills of Tennessee Gonzales
  7. Think of Me Hahn
  8. If Blues Was Whiskey Gonzales
  9. Poor Town, USA Hahn
  10. Under the Double Eagle Wagner

2-Bit Cowboys, American Songbook Two Bit Cowboys, Live 6, 2018 (American Songbook)
  1. Back in the Saddle Autrey, Whitley
  2. Good Night Irene Ledbetter
  3. Georgia Carmicheal/Gorrell
  4. Oh, When the Saints traditional
  5. Chattanooga Choo-Choo Gordon/Warren
  6. Polly Wally Doodle Emmett
  7. Ain't Misbehavin' Razaf/Waller/Brooks
  8. George Cohan Medley Cohan
  9. Don't Fence Me In Porter
  10. Bye-Bye Blackbird Henderson/Dixon
  11. All of Me Marks/Simon
  12. America the Beautiful Bates/Ward

2-Bit Cowboys, American Songbook Pickin' On Merle, 2018
  1. Cannonball Rag Merle Travis
  2. 9 Pound Hammer Merle Travis
  3. The Guitar Rag Merle Travis
  4. Blue Smoke Merle Travis
  5. I Am A Pilgrim Merle Travis
  6. 16 Tons Merle Travis
  7. Saturday Night Shuffle Merle Travis
  8. Smoke Smoke Smoke Merle Travis
  9. Dark As A Dungeon Merle Travis
  10. Freight Train Elizabeth Cotton

Big & Bigger Live Big & Bigger Live in Torrington, 2015
  1. I Like a Man J Gonzales
  2. Going Back to Bed J Gonzales
  3. Trouble J Gonzales
  4. Everything J Gonzales
  5. Back Away Brother J Gonzales
  6. Let Me Tell You J Gonzales
  7. Silk Savannah Sam J Gonzales
  8. Far From the Tree J Gonzales/W Houston

Big & Bigger Live Big & Bigger Live in Stockbridge, 2015
  1. Dr. Jazz Oliver
  2. Handyman Hunter
  3. Basin Street Blues Giampa/Nehra
  4. Freight Train Cotton
  5. Cherokee Noble
  6. If It Don't Fit Barrel House Annie
  7. Lazy Bones Charmichael
  8. Nobody's Business Holiday
  9. I'll Be Alright Davis

Big & Bigger Live Big & Bigger Live, 2014
  1. down that road before J Gonzales
  2. he always did me right J Gonzales
  3. you better speed up J Gonzales
  4. are you gonna do me wrong J Gonzales
  5. i don't care J Gonzales
  6. you never liked my cookin' J Gonzales
  7. wish you loved me J Gonzales
  8. that's ok J Gonzales
  9. think i'll get fat J Gonzales

The Whinin' Boys, "Chasing Tail", 2021

The Whinin' Boys, "Hooked", 2021

The Whinin' Boys, "Stick a Fork In It", 2021

Live in Williamstown Live in Williamstown, 2014
  1. folsom prison cash
  2. making whoopie donaldson/kahn
  3. on when the saints traditional
  4. good night irene ledbetter
  5. early morning blues blake
  6. built for comfort dixon
  7. hey good lookin' williams

Redneck Blues, Live in Springfield Redneck Blues Live in Springfield, 2012
  1. know you rider traditional
  2. guilty newman
  3. ditty wa ditty blake
  4. top of the world traditional
  5. hesistation blues traditional
  6. big river cash
  7. going down the road feeling bad traditional

Runaway Boys live in Albany Runaway Boys Live in Albany, 2012
  1. blast off setzer
  2. the cowboy song berlingo
  3. johnny b goode berry
  4. honey don't perkins
  5. danger berlingo
  6. she's my baby gonzales
  7. little sister pomus / shuman
  8. rock this town setzer
  9. suzie q hawkins
10. anywhere but here a klein / gonzales

Gonzales CD Wood Wood, 2001
  1. puts her love on me j gonzales
  2. billy's pick up truck j gonzales
  3. carmela j gonzales
  4. midnight train j gonzales
  5. another dream j gonzales
  6. christmas j gonzales
  7. hills of tennessee j gonzales
  8. what can i do j gonzales
  9. the haulover j gonzales
10. elvis presley's lip (and lyle lovett's hair) j gonzales
11. cuttin' wood j gonzales

Early Morning Blues Early Morning Blues, 2001
  1. early morning blues blake
  2. big river cash
  3. great dream from heaven spence
  4. funny that way davis
  5. travlin' man anderson
  6. buckdancer's choice mcgee
  7. cocaine davis
  8. going down the road trad.
  9. dark was the night johnson
10. statesboro blues mcfell
11. nobody's business holiday
12. roll on buddy travis

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